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Trimpakt, Inc. identifies shortcomings in emerging and rapidly growing markets and designs, develops, and implements technology to fill those gaps.

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Using the Cannabis Trading Center platform, Trimpakt, Inc. is bringing modern trade to the cannabis industry with a state of the art wholesale marketplace and services suite. The technology gives businesses a centralized system to connect, communicate, and legally transact with other vetted businesses within their state.

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The Team

Mark Restelli - CEO is a former professional football player who sustained a career ending foot injury while playing for the Miami Dolphins. Realizing cannabis was the only medication that could safely relieve the pain from 20 years of football injuries, he dove headlong into the cannabis industry at the close of his professional athletic career. He soon discovered that cannabis would be his lifelong passion.

Mark earned a degree in agricultural business with a minor in viticulture from California Polytechnic State University. He worked in the wine industry during his 4 year professional football career, and is responsible for the creation of his own small production distribution company called Glasshouse Wines. After leaving the wine industry and retiring from football, Mark spent 3 year researching and developing medical cannabis products for several shops and brands. Mark also started a collective named Plant 2 Products that currently works to design products for collectives in need.

Adam Holub - President (CISSP) has a composite professional background with roots in both technology and academia. On the technology side, he was a Security Deployment Engineer for SOPSEC, an information security consulting, training and deployment services organization headquartered in Orange County, California. While primarily employed by the Deployment & Integration Unit, he was also involved in Security Education Practice through contributions in curriculum development and logistics.

Prior, Adam was the Senior Deployment Manager for Foundstone, Inc. A vulnerability management and strategic security professional services company (acquired by McAfee and later by Intel). Adam managed the operational logistics for deployment of the Foundstone FS1000 Appliance at dozens of Fortune 100 clients. He was integral in a large-scale security platform customization for the largest bank on the eastern seaboard, and spearheaded the manufacturing of the security appliance for the U.S. Department of Justice. He is currently the VP of Sales and Marketing for WODTogether, an All-in-One Gym Management software platform.

On the academic side of things, Adam found the better part of a decade to teach 10th grade English at two high schools, one in the Bronx, the other in The Lower East Side of Manhattan. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (UMass), completed advanced coursework at New York University, and has a Master’s Degree in Education from Pace University.

Drew Harmon - CTO has a background deeply rooted in technology and real world problem-solving through software. His interest in computers and love of software began at age 10, when he learned to code in BASIC on his IBM 386.

After getting his Bachelor's of Science degree in computer science from Stonehill College in 2005, Drew joined QVidian (Formerly Kadient) building a distributed job processing architecture for an enterprise level CRM product. He took that expertise to Digital Results Group in 2009 where he was one of the lead developers on Ageon ISR, a cutting edge software product used to provide real time intelligence data from cameras, RADAR, and gunfire detection systems to US Army and Navy forces. Ageon ISR continues to be widely deployed throughout the world and has contributed to a significant reduction in US troop deaths by IEDs.

While his primary role was initially helping to build the software product, he transitioned to become the Director of Engineering, overseeing the day to day development, quality assurance, and documentation teams. As a minority partner, Drew helped grow the company from a four person startup into a highly profitable 40+ person organization, culminating in 2014 with a sale to Novetta Solutions. After the acquisition, Drew assumed the role of VP of ISR Technology, ultimately overseeing the budget and technical road map for three product lines spanning 10 teams across multiple locations in the US.

Drew has a wide variety of technical expertise and interests including building distributed scalable software and intuitive user interfaces as well as recruiting, building, and managing agile software development teams. His interests outside work include home automation, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and artificial intelligence.

Brian Holub - CIO started his career in the software security industry working for Foundstone, then Mcafee and Intel (both through acquisition). Over the course of 8 years he ascended to a lead development position serving clients from major financial institutions, government departments, military divisions, and the largest corporations in the world.

In 2010 he decided to scratch his entrepreneurial itch and start WODTogether, Inc. a SaaS company focused on financial and business management for CrossFit affiliate facilities. WODTogether facilitates tens of millions of dollars of transactions for clients as well as tracking membership activities, all the way down to each gym clients health and fitness benchmarks.